Top 10 Best Smelling Laundry Detergent

So many of us are in a constant search of the best smelling laundry detergent that also works for spots and leaves clothes fresh and soft. Dropping from last year’s results, Biozet

good smelling laundry detergent

Attack offers multiple laundry powders , including Regular for general washing, Rapid for those who often use the quick wash setting, as well as Plus Softener to help make blankets and jumpers that much more comfy.


I used the EnviroKlenz in conjunction with my regular detergent – exactly as instructed – in my LG front loader, and my towels still have a faint musty smell after washing and drying No change in the smell in my machine either, although it’s never been bad, just musty.


Spilled some gas on my sweat pants when I was getting ready to mow and this stuff really works excellent it removed that smell from the pants in just one wash and I did wash them alone without other laundry to test this and I must say I am very impressed with the performance this Laundry Additive has, I highly recommend it for any laundry stinks that you can not get out with just washing, also works excellent at removing stinking animal smells from their bedding, my large Dog has 2 different XL bedding, and I just switch them out when I am going to wash the one I am currently letting her lay on I just throw done the cleaned one for her while I wash the other.


However, this convenience comes at a cost – you can’t easily adjust your dose to the size of your load like you can with loose detergent and they can be considerably more expensive per wash than the equivalent loose laundry detergent, so the clothes you’re washing better come with deep pockets.


When it comes to the washing machine one needs to be very careful as it is prone to get damaged or destroyed by a number of things the first one being the detergent used and also the amount of clothes that one is willing to wash at a it is a washing machine that states 7kg ensure that you do not surpass that since there would be damage, also always make sure you check if the detergent you are buying can work together with your washing machine.