The Best Futon Mattress Reviews 2018

Sleeping on a thin futon mattress can be rough, especially if you’re like most people and bought one on the cheap Which usually leaves you waking up with massive back discomfort. This  in at a great value and nearly perfect Japanese futon mattress ratings with several customers reporting that they’ve used it for years with no problems and others saying that it is a great, firm mattress, perfect for dorm rooms, visiting guests or just those who like a firm, innerspring bed.

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The arrangement is definitely better than any western mattress I’ve slept in. To be fair, though, I always owned low-end mattresses growing up because we had a tight budget, so I can’t speak to the comparative levels of comfort between traditional Japanese futon and a Western box-spring and mattress set, let alone something like memory foam.

For those using the mattress as a bed, customers are reporting that this bed provides thebrandwich plenty of support, is durable and relieves back pain No sign of lumps or bumps, this mattress keeps its shape over time and even after years of use, holds the same quality.

Due to the Buddhist influence and focus on minimalist living, most Japanese families have foregone the use of traditional western beds and mattresses and have instead adopted the Japanese futon mattress, a staple of the culture and way of life of the Japanese people for thousands of years.

The whole thing is 3 thick, much less than other products reviewed here, but you should keep in mind that a lot of buyers still found this futon incredibly comfortable and easy” to sleep on. You should also keep in mind that since it’s 3 thick – it’s going to be quite firm.

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